What We Do.

The Healthy Team works in collaboration with NHS teams to provide the people development they need supported by their pharma partners. It could be a half day team session or a more comprehensive development programme.

By working together and listening to the teams current strengths, challenges and issues, we design & deliver programmes to meet the needs of each unique team.

Here are a few examples some of the areas that we work in.

Team development

Team development is at the heart of what we do. We love working with people from all works of life and firmly believe that a healthy team is vital to the success of any NHS team and its people. We will bring a real sense of learning, togetherness, fun and personal and team achievement. You will all leave feeling positive, with practical steps you can take to develop your team.

The Insights Discovery system is key in this area of our work.


Whether you’re influencing a multi-disciplinary team, a clinician new to navigating people management or an experienced leader looking for practical tools to manage and motivate people, we can deliver a programme to fulfil all of these using the latest thinking in leadership development.


One-to-one coaching is an invaluable tool in any team and provides individuals with a sense of well-being by taking control of their development.
Our principles for coaching are simple and effective. We have a one-to-one conversation with those who are keen to improve in certain areas, which are focused entirely around their needs as an individual, their concerns and their aspirations. This leads to renewed motivation to focus on what they would like to achieve and how they are going to get there. At The Healthy Team, we know that happy team member’s always lead to a healthy team!


We know that the working environment for those in the NHS, is complex and often stressful. Time is a precious resource and interactions with patients and other health care professionals can sometimes be challenging. Exploring how we develop resilience and emotional intelligence, both as an individual and as a collective team, can bring a new understanding of ways to cope when the pressure is on. We provide a programme to enhance well-being in the team, along with tips and tools for developing resilience. In turn, this helps you to create and maintain a healthy team.

Professional presenting

A health care professional’s job is increasingly demanding and often requires expertise across a wide skill set. Delivering impactful presentations to any audience, from a small patient group to a large number of health professional peers can seem a daunting prospect. However, we also know how rewarding it is when you get it right! We will give you the tools you need to impress your audience with unfaltering confidence, engaging storytelling and the ability to make a real impact. We can also teach you how to incorporate clinical evidence, master a PowerPoint presentation and deliver a well-structured presentation which clearly demonstrates your points.