Industry Collaboration.

Partner with your key healthcare professionals, providing them with valuable team and personal development that will enhance team performance, communication and well being. 

The Healthy Team programmes give you the opportunity to engage with your key customers in an open relaxed environment, building & maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.

The programme will provide the opportunity to present to your customers, hold discussions during breaks and of course at lunch to get to know and build lasting relationships with team members.

Working as a true partnership, your customers will recognise the high value support and time commitment you are making to them as individuals and as a team. 


By sponsoring a programme you will be able to:


  • Engage in discussion with the team lead on current areas for development within their team.
  • Work with The Healthy Team and the customer to find the most beneficial solution for the team’s requirements
  • Liaise with the team on logistics for the day
  • Benefit from protected time to present to the team on product or disease area developments
  • Enjoy lunch and break times getting to know your healthcare partners in a relaxed environment outside of their normal work space
  • Follow up with the team after the programme

ABPI Code of practice

The ABPI Code demonstrates the commitment of the pharmaceutical industry to benefiting patients by operating in a professional, ethical and transparent manner.

The code extends beyond the extensive laws and regulations which govern the Pharma industry, to ensure that we work professionally, with integrity and respect for those we work with and for, and are transparent about that work and how we engage with others.

The Healthy Team work strictly within the ABPI code of practice, enabling you to support, engage and partner with your key customers  in a transparent and fully compliant manner, whilst enabling them to become a healthier team which will positively impact the patient experience.

Clause 22 – Meetings, hospitality and sponsorship ‘Pharmaceutical companies may appropriately hold or sponsor a wide range of meetings.’