We provide inspiring development programmes for healthcare teams.

Clinical Nurse Specialist, IBD

“So refreshing to concentrate on making us better leaders, which in turn will result in better patient care – thank you!”

Clinical Nurse Specialist, IBD

“Very informative. Empowering. Thought-provoking. Acting sessions were very good and useful – putting what we learned into practise. Fantastic opportunity. “

Clinical Nurse Specialist, IBD

“Such an inspiring few days. Has made me feel so motivated to use the skills we’ve acquired. I hope this is an ongoing course to benefit the other IBD CNS’. “

Clinical Nurse Specialist, IBD

“Very different to any other course Every session had a valuable confidence-building learning point. “

Clinical Nurse Specialist, IBD

“I wouldn’t change anything. Amazing course, loved it! I’ve learnt so much that I will take away with me and utilise in practise. Appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this!”

Effective team working. A phrase which is so over-used it now rolls off the tongue without much consideration.

But it shouldn’t. For NHS workers, effective team working is critical – it’s important that we give the subject its rightful time in the spotlight and reap the benefits of working effectively as part of a brilliant team.

The recent Covid crisis has placed unprecedented strain on the NHS. Despite this, there are signs that the demands of the crisis have blurred some traditional boundaries and accelerated the move toward multi-disciplinary working.

As a consequence, complexity has increased as teams throughout the health service find new, urgent issues to deal with, both within their own group and also within their interaction with others.

This is why now is the time for the industry to evaluate where they can genuinely support, both locally and nationally, to continue to build on these collaborative partnerships.

It’s never been more important for parties who care about the NHS to come together and ensure it’s well-being.

The Healthy Team are focused on providing the people-skills necessary to support this accelerating trend. We have a depth of knowledge of the environment and an understanding of the challenges. We’ve also delivered innovative online training sessions when face to face contact has not been possible – even in the current climate, we can help to build a happy and healthy team!

“Reflection time for all teams, staff and organisations is vital. During the crisis, the huddles, debriefs, ward rounds and after-action reviews have enabled the astonishing innovation we have seen. All teams must have protected time for meetings, reviews and learning. We know such team time is associated with an average 35–40 per cent higher productivity.”

Suzie Bailey

Director of Leadership and Organisational Development, Kings Fund

& Michael West
Visiting Fellow, Kings Fund